Outdoor Equipment

Tackle Boxes

A tackle box helps you keep all of your fishing gear organized so you can concentrate on catching the big one. When choosing a tackle box, you should look for one with ample storage space for all your fishing needs plus a little extra. There are a couple of different tackle box designs, the type with open trays and those that hold see-through boxes. There are even some tackle boxes available that come with a small assortment of gear, for those just starting to fish. After you have been fishing for a while, you may find that you need multiple boxes for all of your gear. The advantage of multiple boxes is you don't have to carry a suitcase size tackle box. The wonderful thing about a tackle box is that it can also be used for purposes other than fishing - like holding hobby supplies or whatever else you can think of.


A good pair of binoculars are a requirement when out in the woods. They even come in handy around the backyard for viewing birds, small animals and stars. Besides eyeglasses, I would bet that binoculars are the most used optical tool in the world. Binoculars come in many different physical sizes as well. You can find a folding compact pair that fit in your shirt pocket, up to larger ones that hang around your neck. For hunting, you should look for a pair that are waterproof and fogproof. There is nothing worse than picking up your binoculars to investigate game and find them fogged up. You may want to find a pair that can also be mounted to a tripod. This lets you use the binoculars as an inexpensive spotting scope. They can even double as a stargazing scope when the hunting season is over. Popular sizes for hunting, wildlife viewing and free-hand stargazing are 8x40 up to 10x50. If you are going to use a tripod, then from 10x70 up to 25x100 are ideal.

Coleman Camp Stoves

Whether you're staying in a cabin, camper, tent, or under the stars, a Coleman Stove will enhance any camping adventure. Coleman stoves operate on clean-burning Coleman Fuel or unleaded gas, depending upon the model bought. There are even models with dependable, matchless InstaStart push-button ignition, in case you forgot the matches. Most come with the folding WindBlock system which provides side panels to block the wind and foster more efficient cooking. The panels can alternately be folded down to form side shelves, which can be convenient condiment or utensil holders. The newer models have Coleman's PerfectFlow pressure-control system and PerfectHeat technology. This makes the stoves fuel-efficient and reliable, even in cold weather, at high altitudes or when fuel is low. If the larger stoves are too much for you, Coleman offers smaller one-burner models. There is bound to be a model just right for you.

Golf Balls

Dad usually buys himself an inexpensive box of golf balls. What better time than Christmas to treat him to something nice. This year why don't you get him a box of premium, high performance golf balls. He will be amazed at how much his game improves by using professional grade golf balls. Professional grade golf balls provide fast initial velocity, lower spin and high launch to produce a flatter, less arcing ascent and straight ball flight for exceptional driver and long iron distance. Give him a set of golf balls like the pros use and he is sure to come home with a smile on his face.


A kayak is a great way for dad to navigate his favorite lakes, rivers and streams and for exploring new ones. The recreational kayak is the best type of kayak for this type of use. Recreational kayaks have larger cockpits for easier entry and exit and a wider beam for more stability than other types of kayaks. One of the more popular type of recreational kayaks are inflatable kayaks. These are more affordable than hard shell kayaks and provide an easy entry into hobby kayaking. Inflatable kayaks are very portable, quite durable and are very easy to store. They can fit in the trunk of a small car and all you have to do when ready to use is inflate it. The better kayaks have multiple inflatable compartments for added safety. Others include internal frames for use in rougher waters. After dad sees how easy and fun these are to use, he may buy one for everyone in the family.


Almost every dad loves to grill. It gets him outside, relaxes him, smells good, plus it fulfills that primal need to supply food for his family. And with grilling, there is a wide variety of gift ideas to choose from. Is it time for dad to get a new grill? Maybe he needs a new set of cooking tools? He could always use extra grill cleaning brushes. Maybe he likes to add different flavors to the food, then either a smoker box, some flavored wood chips or seasoning. A good meat thermometer will help him cook the meat to everyone's satisfaction. Once all the cooking and cleaning is done, he could use a cover to keep the grill looking new year after year.

Weather Stations

Aspiring meteorologists as well as us dads just love anything to do with the weather. A weather station would just feed our fascination. You may find it boring but we love knowing indoor and outdoor temperatures, the humidity, and if it is going to rain. Why do you think we watch the weather channel so much! We can't do all those outdoor activities that we love if it is going to rain. You can even get some with a clock set by the U.S. atomic clock, how cool is that. With one of these we wouldn't have to rely on the local weatherman, who is usually wrong anyway.