Multi-function Tool

The first thing that usually comes to mind when you think of a multitool is something with folding pliers and a set of folding blades and screwdrivers. These are the most common types available and carried. Multitools are a very useful tool to have, in fact many people use and depend upon them every day. When most people think of a multitool, they think of a Leatherman. However, there are several other companies that offer quality products. Some of the more common are Gerber, SOG, Schrade and Cooper. Even the makers of the Swiss Army knife offer a multitool . They come in different sizes too, you can find one small enough to carry in your pocket or larger ones that need to be carried in a belt sheath. Even if you don't want to carry one on you, it is a smart idea to at least have one in the car or tool box. They won't take up much room and could be quite useful in a pinch.

Folding Knives

Another useful tool that no dad should be without is a nice folding knife. A folding knife doesn't have as many uses as a multitool, but most dads find themselves pulling their knife out of their pocket several times a day. I use mine for opening mail, opening boxes and other packages, cutting tape and string, and digging out the occasional splinter. When looking for a good folding knife, I would advise getting one that has a locking blade. You should respect the tool that you are using but anything you can do to increase safety of use is a good thing. Assisted opening knives are quite handy as well. It sure is convenient when it only takes one hand to open the blade, especially in situations when you only have one hand available for use. Another convenient option to look for is a pocket clip. This allows the user to clip the knife to their pocket or belt for easy access. Not only is a knife a useful everyday tool, but they are also useful for self-defense purposes. I say you should be prepared for whatever life throws at you, a quality folding knife is just one of the many tools available.

Cordless Power Tools

Cordless power tools come in many varieties, such as a circular or reciprocating saw, flashlight, scissors, grinder, impact driver and of course the ever popular drill. And there are just as many different voltages to power the tools as there are types of tools . 3.6V, 6V, 7.2V, 9.6V, 12V, 14.4V, 18V, 19.2V, 28V. Which one is the best choice? One of the things you need to consider is what type of tool are you looking for. A small pair of power scissors won't require much voltage to work. As you increase the size of the tool and the amount of work you want it to do, the more voltage you will need. Of course the higher the voltage, the heavier, larger and more costly the tool. Typically voltages under 7 volts are for small household tools, 7V to 14.4V are the most common for average use, and 18 volts and higher are for professional grade tools. You should also consider the amp-hour(Ah) rating of the tool. The higher the amp-hour rating, the longer you can use the tool between charges.

Tool Kits

Tool kits are a great way to get a good set of basic tools that every home needs. Tool kits also come at a considerable savings over buying the tools individually. The best kits include all of the tools you need for most mechanical and household repairs and projects. As a minimum, you should look for a tool kit that contains the following: a screwdriver set, a set of wrenches, a few different pairs of plyers, a hammer, a tape measure, a variety of sockets, a set of hex keys (or allen wrenches), a couple adjustable wrenches and a bag or box to store everything in. If the tool kit doesn't come with a case you are happy with, you also have the option of individually purchasing a tool bag or case. The advantage of buying a separate case is that it provides extra room when dad decides to add tools to his kit.

Socket Set

A good socket set is something every dad should have around the house. There are many chores and projects that pop up that are made easier with a socket set. Not only are sockets useful around the house, but they allow dad to save money by doing simple repairs and maintenance on the car himself. There are many different sets available that are quite affordable and include both standard and metric sizes. For the weekend mechanic type of dad, there are even more professional grade sets available. Craftsman, Stanley and SK are some of the more popular brands.

LED Flashlights

Flashlights are always a favorite gift that us dads appreciate, and having more than one is a good idea. How many times have you heard us yell "Where is that darn flashlight"? That is why there should be more than just one around the house. The newest trend is the LED flashlight. LED flashlights are more battery efficient, environmentally friendly, longer lasting, and whiter than the standard incandescent flashlight. You can find flashlights with just one LED up to some with 100 LED's. LED flashlights are also available in a huge variety of colors, almost every color option of the spectrum can be used with an LED. One of the more popular categories of LED flashlights is the tactical flashlight. They are small, lightweight, durable, quite bright, easy to grip and hold, and are even available as accessories for mounting to weapons. An additional advantage of tactical flashlights is the tailcap switch. Gripping the flashlight with one hand and turning it on with your thumb sure is a convenience.